Google Discover: Actionable Insights


Find top entities where Google already consider you an authority.



Find top concepts you need to test out and see if your content is authoritative. 



Get Google content categorization of your site up to 3 levels deep.


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Topical Authority

Understand each author's top entities where they drive the biggest impact.


Understand all authors' performance, content production, lifespan and more.


Get all pages that need to be refreshed to revive Google Discover performance.

Google Discover Analytics

Entities, Concepts & Categories

GDdash analyzes your content using the same Google technologies they use. By understanding your content in terms of:
- Entities (people, organizations, events, etc)
- Concepts (topics)
- Categories (Sports, NBA, Celebrities, etc.)
we identify which are your top authoritative ones, so you can continue to produce.

Content Recommendations

GDdash identifies what content Entities, Concepts and Categories that you should "continue" to write about and which ones to start testing.

We also identifies which pages to refresh to revive their Google Discover traffic.

Authors' Topical Authority

Identify the top performing Entities for each of your authors.

Understand their performance, content production and content lifespan.

Google Discover Tracking

Near Real-Time Tracking of Google Discover feeds

We create individual users with single interest within your desired location, and we track what stories they get in their Google Discover feeds. We do this almost every 30 minutes.
This will provide updated information and analysis on what stories Google is choosing to display in Google Discover.

Google Search Analytics

Near Real-Time Tracking of Google Discover feeds

GSC has thousands of keywords and URLs, it is very hard to get a good understanding of what happening on your site.
GDdash simplifies all the data, create custom reports like Automated Keyword Clusters, Evergreen article detection, Algorithm Performance analysis and more.

Our Packages


Yes. We need access to Google Search Access in order to retrieve data. We don’t share or sell any data. Check out data privacy policy.

You can as many domains as allowed in the selected plan, but only one is active.

Sure you can, but you can only change domain status once every 30 days. Please note that when you deactivate a domain you will not get any data for that period of time as our platform is not collecting, parsing or analyzing that domain.

Check your Google Search Console.

Click “Discover” on the left hand navigation.  Click “Date: Last 3 months”

Change to “Last 7 days” and click apply

Scroll all the way down to “rows per page” and check the total number of pages.

Multiply this way by 4, this is the number of analyzed pages you need on average per month,

Choose the plan that is closest to that number of pages.

Currently we support: Chinese (Simplified) zh, 
Chinese (Traditional) zh-Hant, Dutch nl, English en, French fr, German de, Italian it, Japanese ja, Korean ko, 
Portuguese (Brazilian & Continental) pt, Russian ru, 
and Spanish es

We accept all major credit cards. We use Stripe to process all payments

We have a 14-days FREE trial period where you can cancel at anytime.

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