Search Analytics: 

Google Search Console Simplified

If you are a big site with hundreds of thousands of keywords and URLs, it is very hard to get a good understanding of what happening on your site. You might know traffic has dropped but why and where takes endless hours and sometimes it not enough.

Add that a Google Core Update and the teams are digging into endless amount of data to figure out what happened
on Google Core Updates on you. One of the biggest problems sites face is how to make sense of all the great data Google Search Console has especially if you have thousands of keywords and URLs. 

That’s why we created ConsoleClarity. It summarizes all the data in GSC in an easy and digestible way for SEO teams to understand, manage and analyze. Find below some of the amazing features we have.


GDdash Search Analytics automatically groups all your keywords every week in clusters. You can quickly and easily identify all ranking and traffic movement and identify any areas of concern.



Identify your evergreen Content and When to Optimize

GDdash Search Analytics automatically identify all your potential evergreen content and calculates lifespan and alerts you if it time to refresh your content. 


Analyze Algorithm Updates Impact on all Aspects of your Data in 1 Simple report

You no longer have to go through multiple reports to understand where are the most impact areas of your site, no with a single report you can compare overall performance, geo performance, search appearance performance, directories, keyword clusters, and more. We are just starting and we are adding more.


Identify all your Evergreen Opportunities for List, Year and Question Keywords

In SEO there are so many Low Hanging Fruit content opportunities that are easily forgotten. GDdash Search Analytics easily identify all evergreen keywords based on Lists, Yearly/Seasonal, and Question keywords. With full customization.




Understand Your CTR

With a new world of Google Generative AI Experiences, rankings alone doesn’t matter much. It is important to see the movement of your CTR.


Understand your overall Search Appearance Performance

No need for multiple reports and views, quickly understand your Search Appearance performance.



& More to Come!