GDdash is a powerful platform that analyzes all your Google Discover data and provides you actionable insights that can enable you boost your Google Discover traffic.

Google Discover analyzes users interest, past history, location and many other variables to provide them with a recommended stories (Google Social Feed). The stories selected are based their match with the user interests through multiple topic layers.

We analyze all your Google Discover data on DAILY basis; we crawl each article that drove Discover traffic and utilizes the same technology Google has to understand the content of your articles into topics, entities, concepts and content categories.

GDdash analyzes all your content including your AMP Stories.

We assign a relevancy score to each entity for each article to calculate the total “authority/power” of each these entities and come up with our “Attributed Impressions”

By analyzing all your Discover data on daily basis we can drive meaningful insights that enable you to boost your Discover traffic.

Understand Your Google Discover Performance

Google Search Console is an amazing reporting tool but when it comes to Discover it is a bit hard to analyze the data and drive meaningful insights. With GDdash you can quickly and easily understand your overall performance, how many pages discovered per day, what is your content average shelf life and much more.

Understand Your Content

GDdash categorizes your content into the same content categories Google has in their NLP. Understand the performance of each category, and see which categories are working harder for you

Get Actionable Insights

Google Discover Optimization is about understanding which topics, entities, content categories and concepts that Google already considers your site an authority for – getting impressions and clicks – and doubling down on those topics. GDdash quickly highlights the opportunity for you.

Find Out Your Most Valuable Pages

While GSC provides the performance of all your pages in terms of clicks and impressions, we go beyond the obvious and provide you with content shelf life, entities and more.

It is not just about the pages, it is about the topics that drove these pages to perform well.

Understand How Google Understand Each Page

We analyze each article that drove Discover traffic in terms of entities, topics, concepts and content categories utilizing Google Technology.

Get Your Most Authoritative Topics & Entities

By analyzing all your content that drove Discover traffic and assign “relevancy” scores, we can easily identify the top performing entities for your content.

And more to come

we have an extensive roadmap from identifying your top authors, which topics they excel at, schema optimization, analyzing content that doesn’t get discover traffic and much more …