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Why GDdash?

Google stated that there is no way to optimize Google Discover!

We believe the only way to do so is by understanding how Google view your content and which entities and concepts Google already consider you an authority for.

You can boost your Discover traffic by covering their entities and topics extensively on your site.
GDdash simply analyzes your content using Google Technology and uncovers your authoritative entities for you to maximize the Google Discover traffic.

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Entity & Concept Analysis

Utilizing Google NLP, we analyze all your content and identify your top performing Entities & Concepts

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Content Categorization

3 Levels of Content Classifiers to group your content and analyze performance

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Pages & Author Recommendations

Identify pages to refresh and top performing entities for each author based on their topical authority

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GDdash downloads your Google Discover historical data when you start in addition to daily data analysis.

  • Analyze your historical performance

    Your free trial includes 30 days of Google Discover Analysis. Get a complete view of your top performing entities.

  • + Daily Analysis

    We download GSC daily, crawl your pages, parse your content and analyze your content performance. 

  • No Coding or Sheets Required

    Simply connect your Google Search Console account and let us do all the magic.

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Our Founder

John Shehata

Shehata has 25+ years of experience in SEO & the digital marketing space working with top national, international and fortune 500 companies.

Through out his career, John optimized 100s of news and enterprise sites like ESPN, ABC News, Vogue, GQ, New Yorker, The Atlantic, Oscars, Reddit, Disney, ABC Entertainment, and many more.

Previously, John was the Global VP of Audience Development Growth at Condé Nast leading a team of 65 experts overseeing SEO, Social Media Strategy, Newsletter Strategy, Podcast Growth, Organic Partnerships & Growth Innovation Products for 60 brands across 11 international markets.

In 2014, John founded NewzDash.com and then launched Gddash.com in 2022 to help News-SEOs and Edit teams boost their visibility in Google News and Discover.

John provides regular training to NYU Journalism Institute students and is a frequent speaker at many international conferences.

John launched NESS in 2021; the first specialized SEO Conference for news publishers. It has over 700 attendees from 55 countries.

In his long career focusing on editorial SEO, John has trained thousands of writers, journalists and editors on SEO and how to write while keeping Search top of mind.