Understanding how your important pages and content performs in Google Discover is crucial, yet incredibly difficult. Unlike standard search rankings which are consistent across users, Discover results are completely customized based on individual user signals.

This makes tracking Discover performance with traditional SEO tools virtually impossible. Until now.

That’s why we invented a new way of tracking Google Discover; this how it works:

🗞️ Simply provide us any important organization, company name, product, person or any Google entity. Select Country and Language.

🕵🏽‍♂️ Our technology will then mimic a user profiles that has a single entity to Surface Discover feed results for that entity. We track Google Social feeds every hour.

🔎 By compiling results across thousands of Discover feeds, we reveal the specific pages, articles, images and videos receiving the most exposure.
GDdash is able to track Google Discover feeds for any entity, not a keyword, in any location in any language every hour and reports back on top domains, top articles, top pictures and videos that appear in Google Discover Feeds.

Armed with this intelligence, you can now:

Identify best performing domains, articles and videos in Discover.
See the actual images and videos being shown to users.
Benchmark performance over time.
We’re proud to introduce our new Google Discover Performance solution that finally enables SEOs to unlock insights into their Discover reach and engagement.

LIVE Google Discover Tracking!

We create individual users with single interest within your desired location, and we track what stories they get in their Google Discover feeds. We do this almost every 30 minutes.

This will provide updated information and analysis on what stories Google is choosing to display in Google Discover.


We Track Entities, not Keywords!

GDdash does track entities that are identified by Google Knowledge Graphs. Entities is the foundation for any Google Discover analysis.

Top Domains!

Identify the top performing domains in Google Discover social feeds for any entity.

Top URLs/Articles

Identify the top performing articles in Google Discover social feeds for any entity.

Top Videos

Identify the top performing videos in Google Discover social feeds for any entity.

Images, Videos and Image Sizes

We capture all videos, images and sizes



Domain Performance Overtime

Track any domain performance overtime and analyze all metrics.

Combined Discover Entities Tracking Report

Track any domain performance overtime and analyze all metrics.