Finally, Google Discover Analytics is Here!

Google stated that there is no way to optimize Google Discover! 
We believe the only way to do so is by understanding how Google view your content and which entities and concepts Google already consider you an authority for. 
You can boost your Discover traffic by covering their entities and topics extensively on your site. 
GDdash simply analyzes your content using Google Technology and uncovers your authoritative entities for you to maximize the Google Discover traffic.
Trusted & Tested by Many:

GDdash application software is a AI software designed to analyze top performing content of your sites in Google Discover and provide instant recommendations.

GDdash analyzes content and traffic metrics provided by GSC and provides top performing categories, NLP, shelf life, instant recommendations and much more.

Plans starts as low as $33 per month. Check our pricing.

GDdash retrieves the top 1000 articles from Discover data on a daily basis segmented by all vailable filters like geo, appearance, etc.

Currently we keep adding a handful of sites every week. You should get your invitation based on your position in the queue.

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Entities  & Topics
  • Concepts
  • Content Categorization
  • Content Life
  • AMP Articles
  • AMP Stories
  • Multiple Levels of Categorization
  • Word Count (coming soon)
  • Authors (Coming Soon)