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As you may know the only optimization you can do when it comes to Google Discover is figuring out which entities that work well for you – the ones that Google already deemed you an authority – and doubling down by writing more content focused on these entities.

Based on this concept above we built the tool to highlight Entities & Concepts that work well for your site.

The tool has 5 reports to help you optimize for Google Discover:

  1. Summary Report
    • Provides you your site’s overall performance
    • Identify what is your Average Daily Pages Published “discovered”, and see if your trend going down/up
    • Check Recommended Entities – these are entities that work well for you >> work with the editorial team to write more about these entities
    • Check Recommended Concepts – these are themes that your content is well performing in
  2. Categories Report
    • Categorizes your content based on Google Content Classification
    • Focus on big bubbles – these are the content categories that have the biggest opportunity.
    • Consider writing less content about smaller bubbles at the end of the chart unless they have high CTR
      • If they have high CTR, test writing more content and see if it works for you
    • Click any category to see if it is improving overtime
    • Check the number of Pages of each category and select high CTR categories and see if you can write more content
  3. Entities Report
    • Provides a detailed view of all Entities and their importance/relevancy in Google Discover. In our opinion it is the most important report
    • Sort by number of pages
      • Find which entities you write the most about and how the CTR and Silence numbers are performing.
      • CTR 3%+ and Salience 0.5+ are good numbers, anything above is performing well
      • Consider writing more on entities with above average CTR and Silence
      • Consider writing less on Entities with less than average unless they bring good search traffic
    • Sort by CTR
      • Find Entities with High CTR, above average Salience and low pages count and consider writing more
    • Sort by Attr. Impr. (attributed Impressions)
      • Find the ones with downward “Change” – click the entity and find out which themes work for you and which don’t
      • Find the ones with upword “Change” – and consider writing more
  1. Concepts Report
    1. Provides the top themes that work for you
    2. Communicate with edit team to consider these themes
  2. Pages Report
    1. These are the top performing pages on your site
    2. Click on these pages to get Concepts and Entities and Try to replicate in newer stories

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