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Pricing FAQs

Yes. We need access to Google Search Access in order to retrieve data. We don’t share or sell any data. Check out data privacy policy.

You can add as many domains as allowed in your selected plan, but only one domain can be active.

You have access to all reports except the following reports:

  • Author Topical Authority
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Search analytics

To view these reports you must be a paid subscriber. 

Sure you can, but you can only activate/deactivate domains once every 30 days. Please note that when you deactivate a domain you will not get any data for that period of time as our platform is not collecting, parsing or analyzing that domain.

It depends on how many pages and search records.

  • Go to your Google Search Console.
  • Click “Discover” on the left hand navigation. 
  • Click “Date: Last 3 months”
  • Change to “Last 7 days” and click apply.
  • Scroll all the way down to “rows per page” and check the total number of pages.
  • Multiply this number of total pages by 4, this is the estimated number of analyzed pages you need on average per month
  • Choose the plan that is closest to that number of pages.

We accept all major credit cards. We use Stripe to process all payments

Yes, all invoices are in your client’s area.

To cancel your account and stop payments, please got to “Settings”, then click the gear icon in the Current Plan” section, then click “Deactivate”.

To stop a domain and continue to keep the account (and payments) going, Just deactivate the domain in the domains block the settings page.

You can cancel at anytime:

–        please login to your account

–        go to

–        Click the gear icon in the “CURRENT PLAN” block

–        click “deactivate”

You will still have access to the account till end of the payment period. 

We will continue to get your data from GSC till paid period ends. This may incur additional charges if you go beyond your plan limits in terms of Discover pages and Search records. To avoid any additional charges, deactivate your domains on the settings page under domains section by switch the toggle off for all your domains. 

We have a 14-days FREE trial period where you can cancel at anytime. If you are a paid subscriber, you can still cancel at anytime, we will not charge your credit after the end of the current billing month. Please note we continue to collect and analyze your data till end of the billing period which may result in additional charges if collected Discover Pages and Search records exceed the plan limits.

Absolutely Not. Simply sign in and get started. The only action needed on your end is to connect GSC to GDdash.

We will never share your data with any one else. Check our privacy policy.

Each plan has a set number of Discover Pages and Search Records. Charges apply for exceeding these limits. The cost is based on the number of pages and records we analyze.

Discover Pages are any page that generates Google Discover traffic. Search Records are combination of URL, Keyword, and Device. All data retrieved from Google Search Console..

In other words, If the number of pages and records we get from your Google Search Account at a given month exceeds the plan limits, we charge additional fees to process and analyze these pages.

All additional charges are clearly mentioned on our pricing and registration pages. By signing up, you agreed to these terms.

Unfortunately  we can’t stop at the plan limits. Stopping at the limit would compromise the accuracy of our analysis. We aim to keep our monthly fees low for small to medium sites. Larger sites should consider upgrading to avoid extra charges.


We continue to collect data from Google Search Console till the end of the last billing cycle. Cancelation is stopping the service at the end of the billing cycle.

As stated on the pricing and registration pages, all additional discover pages and search records during trial or till the last day of the last billing period are still charged.

When you cancel you plan we continue to provide the service till the end of the billing period or the trial period.